Remember Me Beads

Remember Me Beads designs a unique line of necklaces, bracelets and earrings, each one made by hand. Our designs are available in limited quantities dictated by the availability of the stones we use in each design. Our jewelry is very stylish yet reasonably priced. You will find that the designs are so unique that they project the image of a piece that was very expensive. You won't find anything similar to our jewelry in a store. Our friends have raved about what we make for so long, and reported so many times that complete strangers have asked them "Where did you get that necklace?", that we decided to turn our love of creating into a business.

Our name, "Remember Me Beads", comes from a deep appreciation of all that life has offered us, and a keen awareness that there are many in this world that have not been this blessed. While we have the time to think about what beautiful item we will grace our necks with, there are those who are only thinking about where they will get their next meal. If you purchase one of our designs it is our hope that as you wear it you will "Remember" those who may never wear any jewelry, or those who are suffering with an illness, or anyone who crosses your path that needs remembering, prayers and encouragement. We have 2 causes that are close to our hearts. One is a charity called God's Little Ones, Inc., who send 100% of their donations to pastors who are caring for orphan children in Kenya. The other is Madison House Foundation, which assists individuals and families coping with autism.

Lastly, as women, we have a tendency to take care of the needs of all those around us, forgetting to do something nice for ourselves. Ladies, "Remember" yourself. Treat yourself to something nice. We believe you will find that 'something' on the pages of this web site. Enjoy!